How MyGuide Can Improve Significant ROI by Helping Your Salesforce Users

How MyGuide Can Improve Significant ROI by Helping Your Salesforce Users

In the present date, every business wants to be on the top of the ladder. For the same, different businesses are giving a try to various business management tools, software, and platforms. And one amid these popular business management platforms is Salesforce. It is a customer relationship management platform which enables businesses to become more productive and manage their operations more effectively.

Now it is quite apparent that using Salesforce can help you to boost up your business, but the primary concern here is something different. The major perturb is how Salesforce will help until its users are not entirely acquainted with using it?

Therefore, you need a helping hand which can help users to use it effectively and also adds value to your business. It is where MyGuide by Edcast helps. MyGuide is a tool through which you can create an in-app guide which assists users to use any application, platform or tool appropriately.

So if you are thinking how MyGuide can improve your ROI by helping your Salesforce user, here is all you need to know:

  1. MyGuide will help the users enlighten them about the different products and services you offer.
  2. MyGuide will help your users with push notifications or pop-ups as soon as they land on your application or web page.
  3. With the help of MyGuide, you can drive adoption. For instance: Users of Salesforce face difficulty in switching from classic to lightning version so here MyGuide will help in adopting new UI changes.
  4. MyGuide can work everywhere; from sales, service, marketing, commerce to engagement, platform and ecosystem, integration and so on.
  5. MyGuide will also help your users by automating any guide about Salesforce which will not only educate them but, will also help them thereby saving their time and effort.
  6. It will also help you to perceive the users’ behavior with app-intelligence by tracking their feedbacks and activities. You can also know which fields are error-prone so that you can correct them later.
  7. Myguide automation will also help in faster data entry and report creation.
  8. Along with that, MyGuide will also reduce customer support cost by being available 24/7.

If you are looking for a two-way street solution, then MyGuide is all you need, to thoroughly educate your Salesforce users and to generate high ROI.

Salesforce Guide : Understanding the Home Page

1. Click on App Launcher

2. Click on Sales

3. Click on Home
(After logging in into Salesforce, click on Home)

4. Quarterly Performance
(Start your day fast with a customizable, intelligent page.)

5. Performance Chart
(Monitor and update your performance to goal.)

6. Assistant
(Stay on track by seeing the leads and opportunities that require your attention.)

7. Today’s Events
(See the next five meetings on your calendar today.)

8. Today’s Tasks
(See up to five tasks due today.)

9. Recent Records
(Access links to recently viewed records.)

10. Top Deals
(View your top open opportunities in a convenient list.)

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Salesforce Guide : How to access your Salesforce Account

1. Search for Salesforce, Click on Login

2. Enter the username, to access Salesforce account

3. Enter your password

4. Select This Checkbox(If you don’t want to enter the password again)

5. Click on Log In

6. You have successfully accessed your Salesforce Account

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Salesforce Guide : How to Create Contacts

1. Click on Contacts

2. Click on New

3. Enter First Name of the contact

4. Enter Last Name of the Contact

5. Enter Address Information if you want

6. Enter optional Additional Information

7. Enter Description if you want

8. Click on Save!

9. Contact has been created

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Salesforce Guide : How to Create Accounts

1. Click on Accounts

2. Click New

3. Enter Account Name

4. Enter Optional Address Information

5. Fill Additional Information if you want

6. If you have any description, enter here

7. Click Save

8. Account has been created

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