Uplift the level of your work

Explore Knowledge at The Venetian & Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Knowledge 2019 is an event where people from different streams will collaborate and communicate to take their work on the next success level. You can join this movement which is happening in Las Vegas. In this event, you can learn about how people are adopting modern digital workflows for boosting their business productivity and transforming customer experience.

Unleash the future of knowledge

Draw Motivation

Grab an opportunity to meet the founder of ServiceNow, Fred Luddy and chat with him to understand the importance of digital evolvement. Get to know how the digital transformation will leverage the way we work and how it will be going to simplify platform management.

Receive Knowledge

Meet our ServiceNow experts who will assist you to learn more about ServiceNow which is taking the whole work to the next successful level and will find out what’s in store at the knowledge store.

Stay Linked

Celebrate the end of the weekend by joining night parties that will happen on Thursday. Make connections with the attendees and join hands with them for attending dinner and drink parties.

Stay Passionate

Beholding the highlights from last year’s knowledge 2018, we are super excited to create new memories and share incredible experiences in the Knowledge 2019.

How MyGuide can contribute to the ServiceNow platform?

What is MyGuide

MyGuide is an exceptional tool with various phenomenal features to drive productivity, app adoption, accelerating ROI and more. MyGuide is an aggressively growing tool providing intelligent training solutions and guiding enterprises by improving their onboarding and training efforts. MyGuide’s app intelligence helps you to understand user behavior and how the users are using the application. It will help you to improve your product where users are facing difficulties

What it does

MyGuide assists employees by providing in-app guidance to follow the step-by-step instructions for completing a specific website or software task. MyGuide help employees to enhance their skills and learn new software by saving time and money.

How it works

MyGuide is very simple to understand and easy to use as it requires you to install its extension on Google Chrome. There are three main use cases i.e. MyGuide Creator, MyGuide Player, and MyGuide Analyzer.

Try free demo here – https://ed.edcast.com/myguide-demo/

See some of our effective and interactive onboarding guides on ServiceNow –