How to use a Pie Chart to Filter Data in ServiceNow incidents

  1. Welcome
  2. In this guide, we will learn to use a Pie Chart to Filter Data
  3. Click on “All applications”
  4. Click on “Incidents”
  5. Click on “All” to see a complete list of Incidents
  6. To chart your Incidents quickly by number, simply right-click the column heading
  7. And click, “Pie Chart”
  8. If you want to know more about the high priority incidents, just click the pie wedge representing those incidents
  9. Once you click through, you’ll see a list of the Incidents…

How to copy threaded comments or notes to other cells in Excel


How to copy threaded comments or notes to other cells in Excel

  1. Click on “Excel”, select a workbook to edit
  2. Select the cell or cells that contain the comments or note that you want to copy
  3. Press Ctrl+C
  4. On the Home tab, click the “Paste” dropdown button
  5. Click “Paste Special”
  6. In the “Paste Special” dialog box under Paste, select “Comments” radio button
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Select a cell or cells where you want to copy the note or comment and then press Ctrl+V
  9. You have successfully copied threaded comments or notes to other cells

How to remove a default or custom group in Excel

How to remove a default or custom group in Excel

  1. Click on “Excel”, select a workbook to edit
  2. Place your mouse in any empty space in the ribbon like this
  3. Right-click and then click “Customize the Ribbon”
  4. Under the “Customize the Ribbon” list, click the group that you want to remove
  5. Let’s select this one
  6. Click “Remove”
  7. Click “OK”
  8. You have successfully removed a default group
Top Barriers Of HCM Adoption Every Business Needs To Tackle

Top Barriers Of HCM Adoption Every Business Needs To Tackle

Human resource management is the old and gone concept, where as Human Capital Management is the new-fangled concept which is exploring widely. The work of HCM is far beyond the HR staffing and quantifying the value and importance of employees. As per the survey performed by Gartner, the whole work of HCM includes recruitment, onboarding employees, retention of employees and more such.

Employees are considered as the heart of any organization and Human Capital Management software takes full care of all the employees. Also, HCM is responsible for bringing the best possible outcome from the employees on the table. Managing the whole work of an organization is a critical task but it can be managed without many efforts by adopting the HCM software.

Here are some highlights of top barriers of HCM adoption that every business is facing –

1.Integration with different systems or solutions

Integrating the HCM software with other system or solution is one of the complex tasks or we can say a big barrier that any organization faces. For executing HCM software successfully, it is essential to handle everything appropriately like from recruitment to payroll, or management and resource planning, all such things require smooth and accurate coordination to occur systematically.

2. Lack of clarity

You might be aware of the working of disparate tools which is a big barrier that affects human capital software and also there is no guarantee that the insider data is easily shareable, accessible, or even visible to the responsible stakeholders. This is one of the common barriers that every organization faces in the HCM adoption process.

3. Inconsistent data

Inconsistencies in the data occur while using human capital management software as when you are boarding the data in diverse apps it is inspected by diverse departments, and all the inconsistencies that occur inevitably. Depending upon a lot of people and applications it makes full surety in getting inconsistent data and more reliability that stops the HCM strategy to be more effective and successful.

4. A lot of human effort

The topmost problem identified by the HR professionals is that it requires a lot of human effort to manage the whole HR process. This issue was recognized when there was no involvement of HCM in any organization. Different team members were spending a lot of hours in combining the data which is stored on the disparate systems.

5. IT has captured software and not the HR department

The real challenge of the whole HR department lies in managing and executing different HR processes without any fluctuations under restricted points like time, technology, staff and finances. All these issues occur from various types of inconsistencies and misalignments between IT and HR.  HCM has defined rules for each and every employee of an organization like what ownership who should get over what type of applications. Usually, HR always want to have full access to some of the important apps and with HCM, it is possible.


As the technology is moving ahead, it is imperative to adopt the evolving trends in your organization. Human capital management software is designed for improving the internal working of an organization smoothly. There are some common barriers attached to the HCM adoption in any organization which can be resolved easily.