Explore Imports logs in ServiceNow

  1. Open ServiceNow
  2. Click on “All applications”
  3. Click on “System Logs”
    The System Logs module provides a variety of logs that you can use to troubleshoot and debug transactions and events…
  4. Click on “Imports”
    The import log displays information in a verbose format about any data import activity within the platform
  5. Created
    Date and time of the import for the locale of the machine running the instance
  6. Level
    Type of message displayed. For import files, the level is Information
  7. Message
    System-generated message regarding the status of the import
  8. Source
    Name of the external source of the import, such as an integration
Release Notes 1.3.23

Release Notes 1.3.23

MyGuide has released its brand new version 1.3.23 and in this release, we have implemented a path-breaking feature – Automation along with some minor UI changes and general bug fixes.
MyGuide’s DoItForMe allows playing guides in a self-initiated mode which are created via MyGuide extension itself. If an app task takes you 10 clicks you can now do the same task in one click with DoItForMe. Minimize the laborious human effort with the quick assistance of MyGuide automation, and manage your work intelligently. No extra driver software is needed on your computer to run automation. You just create a guide and we automatically add automation with magic. We stop for areas which require human input. It is all automatic and while playing a guide user can choose DoItForMe mode and we accelerate clicks.


Any guide can now be automated with just one click and we have brought the power of UI automation to any app that can run in your browser. You can create a guide and run automation via MyGuide.

We have automation enabled on two levels – Guide and Task.
Whichever steps we have to perform with human interaction can now be automated.

Task Automation-

Task automation allows you to create a complete task and automate it via DoItForMe button.

We have to click the button

and select “Automation”

Give a name to the task and submit

It lets you create three types of steps for a task- Inline, Branch and Link Task

The step panel has just three options for “When will this step complete?”

  • On click of selected element
  • On right click of selected element
  • On change of value (for select field)

And in addition to that, we have introduced an Automation section with these options –

  • Enable default data entry – Lets you enter a value after selecting its checkbox
  • Requires human interaction – This option is added for those steps which need individual choices like dropdown or specific text entries
  • Requires screen capture – This feature is under development

When the steps are added, we have to click DoItForMe button so that the task starts running on its own

It will put entries, perform the subsequent actions and will complete the task on its own.

Check out this video to witness the SUPER POWERFUL Task Automation by MyGuide on Salesforce-

Guide Automation-

Guide automation lets you automate specific types of steps, as per our selection from the feature “When will this step complete?”

We have to click the

button and select “Guide”

The guide can be played normally, however, if a guide step is not automated but still gets played from DoItForMe button, then the steps are played in fast forward mode except the steps with the below complete conditions:

  • On click of “Next” button
  • On hover over of selected element
  • On click anywhere on the page
  • On click on a page, pause this guide

It is because the completion of any of these conditions requires human interaction.

When all the steps are added, we need to click DoItForMe button and your steps will be automated.

Check out this video to see the Guide Automation running smoothly on Salesforce-

Minor UI Changes –

“Add Guides” changed to “Guides”

Earlier you were seeing “Add Guide” option after clicking which has been revamped with the direct selection of guide types from the dropdown.

Reset option in the Organization Level Settings

In this new release, MyGuide has added a “Reset” button under the Video Settings in the Organization Level Settings so you can restore the default settings by clicking on

Customize Popup Style

  • New Step Positioning Popup – The positioning availability of the Popup style has changed its look and feel and it looks more attractive now.
  • Customizable width and height option – Earlier the step popup width and height option was just below the step title and description space but from this release, it can be seen under a separate section designed especially for customizing Popup Style, alongside step position popup.

Warning message when guides are published without publishing the parent category/subcategory

This feature is implemented for the creators, they will see this message whenever they will try to publish a guide which belongs to an immediate unpublished category or subcategory.

Bug fixes : General Bug fixes.

How to view Logs of any activated plugin in ServiceNow

How to view Logs of any activated plugin in ServiceNow

  1. Welcome
    In this guide, we will learn how to view Logs of any activated plugin
  2. After the selected plugin is activated, navigate to “View Logs”
  3. Loading demo data and logs is a good practice when you first activate the plugin on a development or a test instance
  4. You can perform actions on the selected rows
  5. Click on “Personalize List”
  6. Personalize the available list columns and click “OK”

How to create my own color theme in Excel

How to create my own color theme in Excel

  1. Click on “Excel”, select a workbook to edit
  2. Click the “Page Layout” tab
  3. Click “Colors” dropdown button
  4. Click “Customize Colors”
  5. Click the button next to the theme color you want to change (for example, Accent 1 or Hyperlink)
  6. Pick a color under “Theme Colors”
  7. In the “Sample” pane, preview the changes that you made
  8. In the “Name” box, type a name for the new theme colors
  9. Click “Save”
  10. You have successfully created your own color theme in Excel

How to add a new Pen in Pens group in Excel

How to add a new Pen in Pens group in Excell

  1. Click on “Excel”, select a workbook to edit
  2. Click the “Draw” tab, go to the “Pens” group
  3. Click “Add Pen” dropdown button
  4. From the available options select any one option, let’s select “Pen”
  5. Choose thickness, colors and effects you want for your Pen
  6. You have successfully added new Pen in Pens group

How to add a sheet background in Excel

How to add a sheet background in Excel

  1. Click on “Excel”, select a workbook to edit
  2. Click the “Page Layout” tab
  3. Go to the Page Setup group, and click “Background”
  4. Select the picture that you want to use for the sheet background from any one source
  5. Let’s select “From a File”
  6. Let’s select this picture for the background
  7. Click “Insert” (The selected picture is repeated to fill the sheet)
  8. You have successfully added sheet background in Excel