Guided Learning by MyGuide

Provide your employees with in-application guidance to accelerate your HCM & CRM adoption. Drive instant user productivity, reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction. Empower your employees with guided learning by MyGuide and simplify the workflow. The biggest challenge with any enterprise is to ensure that your users know how to navigate the platforms they use, understand the policies and procedures of the organization, and are able to adapt to the continuous changes in the latest applications.

Guided Learning from MyGuide provides an efficient and scalable way that enables you to educate large numbers of employees in multiple locations with in-app step-by-step guides that can be tailored for specific roles, user actions, and unique organizational requirements.

Solutions for Application Software

Explore the key benefits and impact of MyGuide Learning Solutions for application systems:

  • HCM
  • CRM

MyGuide Industry Solutions

Accelerate Adoption

  • Moment efficiency with in-app, step-by-step SaaS process guides
  • Regularly updated for all HCM & CRM platforms
  • Experts assist you with the configuration of guides fitting your organizational requirements

Reduce Cost and Support Requests

  • Step by step guides increase efficiencies and reduce learning time
  • In-app guidance diminishes the need for traditional and expensive training methods
  • Role-specific guides help reduce support requests 

Just-in-Time Learning

  • Always promptly accessible in your application
  • Reduce your workload with automated guides
  • Tracks the overall progress of completion of every process 

MyGuide Features


Multiple roles

Guided Learning Widgets



Multi-formatted guides


In-application Test

Quick, easy steps for each process

Push and One-time Notification

Collect User Feedback on Guides

Image, In-app and Video steps

Import and Export

Error Prevention Prompts

Progress Tracking

In-app Communication

Tailor to Support Customer Processes and Policies



Embed Rich Media Including Images and Videos