New Features & Enhancements of MyGuide

  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Merging & Looping in Branching
  • Link Guide from Other Categories
  • Disable Step Audio
  • History
  • Organization Name
  • Time Configuration for Push Visibility
  • New Push Notification
  • Tooltip Click Action
  • On click of a selected element
  • Grouping in Rules Engine
  • Enable Guide Tracking
  • MyChat (BETA)
  • MyTeacher (BETA)
  • Onboarding Guides (BETA)

Also, we have introduced some exciting features in MyGuide Analytics with this release.

Enhancement to Bulk Import and Export

Now we have this feature to import and export multiple guides of a category/sub-category. Just select the check-boxes and export multiple guides with a single click. (For Owners and Creators)

Merging in Branching

After the user has created a branch step, he/she can merge multiple branches into one single step such that the branches are interlinked to each other, also, the user can add some more steps in between the merged branch and delete the connections to the single merged branch if not required after which the branch would flow independently. One can only merge a flow tail as only tails have the option to merge.

Link Guide from Other Categories

Earlier, we could link published guides from the same category, but now, we can link published guides from any category throughout the application.

Disable Step Audio

Now we have an option to control the step audio at guide level settings which will overwrite the global audio set up.


The history of the guide will show who did what work on that guide.

Organisation Name

Now we can see the name of organisation by clicking on “Me”.

Time Configuration for Push Visibility

This functionality is introduced for the “Close Button” in which we can select the time interval in hours ranging from 0 to 48 so that the push notification will appear only after the set duration.

New Push Notification

We have a brand new push notification design for a single guide.

Tooltip Click Action

For Tooltip guide, a new section has been added which decides the action performed by the tooltip after you click on it.

  • Default: No change
  • Open Current page in MyGuide Panel: If a user clicks on the tooltip, it will open Current Page of MyGuide panel.
  • Open URL: URL can be configured on click of any Tooltip.

On click of selected element

Earlier, while creating inline step, by default “On click of Next” button used to be selected but now “On click of selected element” is selected by default.

Grouping in Rules Engine

Earlier the rules could be grouped together using AND and OR conditions but from now on if each group has a set of rules like Rule 1 AND Rule 2 AND Rule3, the set of rules should be true and saved as a list.

Enable Guide Tracking

By selecting this checkbox, the events happening while playing the guide (for e.g, entering text, clicking on any element) are tracked on the Analytics section. The MyGuide creator remains unaffected by this.

In this release, we have also launched the BETA version of the following features:


With the integrated chatbot of MyGuide, get quick help for searching guides. MyChat will promptly respond to your query. It can be minimized and maximized depending upon its usage. This feature needs to be enabled from the Admin section.


It is an in-app Virtual Lab which gives the user a feel of playing steps on the actual platform just like simulation. We can play the steps and also experience the real-time functionality of any step (for e.g, we can enter text while playing that step on MyTeacher) and the subsequent step will follow. This feature is enabled from the Admin section.

Onboarding Guides


This feature is introduced for announcing the new features/changes for those who are using the specific platform where it will give an annunciation via an image or video. This is also enabled from the Admin section.


We have several exciting new features introduced in MyGuide Analytics with this release. There are three new subtabs introduced under MyGuide tab:

  1. Engagement
  2. Searches
  3. Intelligence (BETA)

1. Engagement

User Activity –

This tab contains information about User Activities and tells about New User, Total User, and Engaged User count.

Sankey Diagram –

It represents the flow of user across the steps during guide play.

Drop-Off Funnel –

It represents the number of users moved from one step to a particular step in a sequence.

2. Searches

Search Activity

This tab consists of information about keywords searched and action taken against search results.

Bubble Diagram

It represents search volume against the top 50 keywords in a given time frame.

Search Summary Table

It represents searched keywords, number of times each keyword was hit and how many times a click was made on any particular item in the search results.

3. Intelligence (Beta)

Guide Intelligence

This tab consists of information about the webpages visited by the user and user workflows.

Page Activity

This block diagram represents the top 50 pages (in accordance with the number of hits against each page) containing at least one published guide.

Page Summary

Web Pages visited by the user and time spent on them.

Workflow Activity

This bubble diagram represents workflow (guide with intelligence tracking enabled) activity volume in a given time frame.

Workflow Summary

It represents workflow activity(guide with intelligence tracking enabled)

Page User Activity

It represents activity on workflow on the current page (guide with intelligence tracking enabled)

Page Time Heatmap

It represents the time of day that has the maximum traffic on the page

Workflow On Page

It represents activities on workflow on the page.

Workflow Visualization

It represents steps performed by the user.

Bug Fixes : General Bug fixes