1. Click on Accounts

2. Select an Account, or Create a New one

3. Click on the arrow down button, To show more actions

4. Click on View Account Hierarchy

5. You can view the entire account hierarchy
(Here you can see all the available “Parent, Child and Current” accounts)

6. Go back to your Account

7. Click on Details tab

8. To the right of the Parent Account field, Click on Pencil Icon
(To edit your “Parent Account” )

9. A pop-up window appears, containing a Search field and a list of recently viewed accounts

10. Search for the parent account by typing the name of the account in the Search field

11. From the list of results, click the name of the company to select the parent account

12. The pop-up window closes, and your selection appears in the Parent Account field

13. Click on Save!

14. Parent account has been created

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