MyGuide Use Cases

Drive software adoption with Insights, Guides and Automation

1. How do I ensure adoption of key workflows?

(Use guided workflows that can be auto triggered based on user behavior)

2. How do I onboard and greet users with a personalized call to action?

(Use push notifications with call to action - Can be invoked on any page)
Push Notification

3. How much time do key workflows takes? Can I reduce it?

(Use MyGuide Insights - Leverage LITE Automation and Guides for time reduction)

4. How do I communicate latest feature that we just launched?

(Use Power Tooltips with auto launch guide option to focus on key features)
Push Notification

5. How do I communicate a mission critical message AND run a survey?

(User Push with Video to bring focus on value of new page, Use Surveys to get feedback)
Push Notification

6. How do I verify and collect data in a structured format?

(Use power forms for rich text fields and add data validation tooltips)
Power forms

7. How do i prevent a form with BAD data from getting submitted?

(Use, Digital duct taps with data validations, Note that Save is disabled)
Push Notification

8. How do I find who is the the least efficient user on a given workflow?

(Use MyGuide Insights for a given workflow)
Push Notification

9. How do I find keywords that users need help on??

(Use MyGuide Insights with Word Cloud and notice response)
Push Notification

10. Who is using my App? Who is not using it?

(Use MyGuide Insights and Surveys)
Push Notification