Drive Software Adoption and ROI

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Drive Employee Productivity with Automation

No need for guides, Just do it for me!

  • A super powerful and proven way to drive software ROI
  • Click by click guides is OLD, NEW is automation
  • Fully automate repeated, non intelligent software tasks
  • Partially automate intelligent software tasks
  • Reporting expense: Just automate with MyGuide
  • Downloading W-2: Just automate with MyGuide
  • Reporting vacation: Just automate with MyGuide
  • User making errors: Automate data entry
  • Talk to MyGuide in your own voice and observe it perform tasks
  • Just watching MyGuide do boring tasks is MAGIC!
  • Schedule a demo today: See future of software (voice driven task automation)

Guide Users With Push Notifications

 Boost employee productivity and reduce support costs 

  • In-app GPS like guides with push notifications
  • With sound and text in native language
  • Guides for any workflow including workflow across apps
  • For any cloud, desktop or mobile app
  • Improve data entry and boost on-boarding with guides
  • Reduce support cost with guides
  • Accelerate app adoption with actionable app data
  • Get better app ROI with task automation
  • Understand how, why, what with app intelligence
  • One pack with power punch: guides, intelligence and automation

Get App Intelligence with NO-CODE

 Learn What, How, Why of Apps

  • Get data on app usage, page usage, feature usage
  • Get insights into task funnels: How tasks are getting performed across one ore more users
  • Get insights into problem areas: fields which take more time to fill or error prone
  • Learn which features are getting used, which features are not getting adopted
  • Push guides or automation based on data
  • View via MyGuide or via your favorite dashboard (Tableau or Power BI)
  • Compares one user against another and push guides to specific user

CREATE Guides with 100% automation

 Create guides with NO need for human editors

  • Create guides with or without human editors
  • 100% auto creation of guide is possible
  • 100% auto play back of guides to check for error is possible
  • No code creation of guide is possible (with or without human editors)
  • Create guides using computer vision (Just as humans can see, computers can see and act)
  • Leverage machine learning and computer vision to automatically create guides
  • Just as cars are learning how to drive, MyGuide can learn App workflow on its own!

Super Secure Solution

Banks LOVE US!

  • 100% in-the-box deployment possible
  • 100% on-premise deployment possible
  • 100% private cloud deployment possible
  • Run guides with no network: All you need to run guides is in the box
  • Keep all data inside your firewall: Nothing ever leaves your fence
  • A simple JS/JSON based architecture
  • Playing guides is like reading a newspaper, News can be pushed to you !!
  • Super fast performance possible with JS/JSON CDN based architecture

A More Productive Employee

 F500, G2000 Employees Love MyGuide

  • 50,000 employees of a BIG BANK, Love MyGuide
  • 60,000 employees of a hi-tech fortune 500, Love MyGuide
  • 20,000 employees of a bank in 180 countries, Love MyGuide
  • Why employees love us? What is the unique MyGuide sauce?
  • Discover WHY, via a quick DEMO
  • We will show you HCM success on Workday, CSOD, Oracle HCM and more !

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