33% increase in
workflow productivity

40% reduction in
support tickets generated

Streamlined onboarding
by engaging end users

About Company

The customer is one of the largest financial institutions in the world with staff present in more than 120 countries and offices in over 130 locations.

The Challenge

The customer launched an enterprise-wide HR system which is used by all the employees spanning across locations. The global implementation, due to complex workflows, started impacting employee productivity and led to a surge in support tickets. Additionally, significant training efforts were required to bring users up to proficiency in the system which further increased the training costs.

The Solution

MyGuide’s intuitive and easy to use guide creation tool enabled trainers to create In-App workflow walkthroughs that engaged users and streamlined user onboarding on the platform. The push notifications and tooltips features made it easier for users to navigate through the application & increase accuracy of the forms & flow.

The Benefits

Through the use of MyGuide, the customer reported a 40% reduction in support tickets and  a 30% increase in workflow productivity. Employees are spending less time hung up on workflow and more time focused on the value-add tasks

Simplifying Learning and Maximizing Adoption

Responsive image
Responsive image
The MyGuide team has been instrumental in making everything come together for training our sales team on many complicated processes. We have accomplished our initial goals of better retention of skills, and increased productivity while working inside the Salesforce.”
Senior Manager Sales Training
A Leading Healthcare Provider
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With no lengthy upfront training, employees are now more capable and productive workers at a much earlier stage in their onboarding.”
Digital Learning Manager
A Global Bank

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